4 Romantic & Spooky Halloween Party Themes

4 Romantic & Spooky Halloween Party Themes

Did you know that Halloween used to be about finding true love? After reading a NY Times article, I was delighted to learn that it was in fact a time to celebrate for the romantics. Although the origins of Hallow's Eve are focused on ghouls and frights, we thought why not give a few tips and tricks for Romantic Halloween Party Themes. These are just to get your ideas flowing so have fun with it. 


1. Victorian Halloween

A true turn of the century celebration with black and white vintage photos, silver candelabras with melting candles running down the buffet table, and handmade invitations with verses from Edgar Allen Poe. Host this party at your home and start with the invitation, it is said that in the early 1900's the host would carve a pumpkin and set it on the porch as an invitation to her guests. Perhaps a little neighborhood formal dinner party is the perfect setting for this type of invite. Keep it dark and spooky with candles everywhere, old lace strung across simple black tablecloths. Spiderwebs can be hung all over to give it a Hallow's Eve feel.

Costumes Ideas: Black Cat, Victorian Woman, Traditional Sheet Ghost, Soothsayer

Sugar Flower: Blushing


2. Mirror, Mirror 

Cupid's bow will be at play for this Halloween bash. Full of superstitious games for everyone to join in, apples and mirrors might be all you need. A traditional game often played at Halloween was to eat an apple in front of a mirror to conjure your soul mate's image before you take the last bite. Apples can also be used for the traditional apple bobbing, but let your guests know that if you catch the apple it means you will have reciprocated true love. Red, black, yellow, orange, and polka dots will complete this wholesome party.

Costume Ideas: Pumpkin, 1950's outfits, Red Riding Hood

Sugar Flower: L'Amour


3. Bountiful Harvest 

The ultimate kid friendly option, a party where parents and kids can join in the seasonal celebration of the Harvest Moon. Décor for this party can easily be outside with bales of hay to sit on, caramel apples, homemade scarecrows. Earth's bounty should be about nuts for this party. Nuts were such a focus at one time that Halloween would sometimes be called The Nut Crack Night. That's right, from cracking nuts, sailing boats made of nuts, and finally chanting round a walnut tree to find your one true love, it all sounds a little nuts!! Fun and silliness are to be had around the big beautiful harvest moon for this party.

Costume Ideas: Farmer, Scarecrow, Black Bird, Peanut, Corn on the Cob, Tractor.

Sugar Flower: Sunset on the Seine


4. Eternal Love

An age old theme but with a twist. This party is for couples and definitely should be a dance party. Invite guests to join in the Hallowed night dressed as famous couples throughout time. Décor can be cryptic in every way. Skeletons, red roses, beating heart sounds, and of course a fortune teller for your guests. Red, black, silver, and gold are the colors of the night.

Costume Ideas: Romeo & Juliet, Harry & Meghan, Ellen & Portia, Frida & Diego.

Sugar Flower: Café Society 


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