The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Cake Lovers

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Cake Lovers

In the spirit of the holiday season, we would be remiss not to share the perfect holiday gifts for the cake lovers in your life with you. We may be biased, but we think these gifts are perfect for anyone in your life, because who doesn’t love cake?

We’ve broken this list up for every type of cake loving friend or family member. Whether they love to bake themselves or they have mastered the art of picking up a cake from the bakery just before hosting a party, you’ll find the perfect gift for them in this article. 

The Home Baker

We all have that friend who loves to bake at night and on the weekends. She unwinds with a glass of bubbly, her favorite playlist, and a few hours in the kitchen baking and decorating beautiful cakes to share with her friends and family. 

While she loves to test out different cake recipes, she’s busy during the day with her full-time job so she has limited time to master the art of cake decorating, as well. That means, she needs a simple way to turn her homemade cakes into pieces of art. 

She will absolutely love handcrafted sugar flowers from Cake Muse that she can place on her homemade masterpieces. We recommend picking out a few different types of sugar flowers so she can experiment with each of them as she goes through her recipes. 

You can also gift her a cake stand for her creations from Estelle Colored Glass, these flutes for serving elegant drinks, and cookbooks to help her hone in on her new craft. These plates and bowls are perfect for making baking and plating her creations a little more festive. We love the Hartland Cake Plate and Dome and the Classic Footed Bowl 

If you’re looking for a simple, festive gift, you can also gift her ornaments. We love these three baking-themed ornaments. They’ll dress up her tree and show off her passion for baking: Bakery Sugar Ornament and the Bakery Flour Ornament.

The options are endless and we know that she’ll love any of these thoughtful pieces. 

Cake Muse Gift Guide for the Home Baker



The Hosting Enthusiast

This is for the friend who absolutely loves to bring people together for dinners, cocktail parties, baby showers, engagement parties, and other intimate gatherings, but doesn’t love to bake or prepare food for the parties. Her passion lies in decorating her home and inviting her closest family and friends for a night they won’t forget. 

She’s a pro at choosing the perfect platters and plates to make her tablescape Pinterest-worthy, but when it comes to feeding her guests, she prefers to run out to the store at the last minute and pick up something premade. She’s the ultimate event planner and she deserves the best accessories and tools to bring her trendy yet elegant visions to life. 

Fortunately, we have the perfect ideas for her. She’ll throw cakes, pastries, and other desserts on gorgeous platters, so she will love cake stands, unique plates and serving platters, and glasses for bubbly.

We love this cake stand in blush pink, but we also love this White Cake Stand for someone who prefers elegant neutrals. As far as table settings go, you can’t go wrong gifting her this table runner, napkins, or the mademoiselle napkin

Another one of our go-to gifts for our friends who love to host is a recipe or cocktail book. This Barefoot Contessa Parties book will look great on a coffee table or displayed in the kitchen. If she wants to learn more about curating the perfect tablescape, she’ll love this Gathering Setting Tables Book.

Also, a great gift choice for moms who love to host are thoughtful gifts for her kids. These are my favorite items to gift: Fairy Garden Seeds, Zuri Rose Handmade Linen Doll Ivory, Handmade Linen Doll, and The Wonderful World Of Zuri Rose Book.

Cake Muse Gift Guide for The Hosting Enthusiast



The Professional

Now, let’s talk about your friends who are professional cake decorators or bakers. They have years of experience crafting the perfect cake for any event. Whether they are preparing an elegant yet delicious cake for a baby shower, wedding, or birthday party, they’ll always strive to create a work of art. 

You might think that they have all they need to bring their vision to life, but we know they will absolutely love it if you gift them handcrafted sugar flowers. Our gorgeous flowers can help them bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to any cake. 

This is perfect for helping create a unique and beautiful addition to their client’s events and parties. Our sugar flowers can be paired with any cake and with so many choices to choose from, they will have full creative freedom to bring their vision to life. 

I also love to gift these Louis sherry chocolates. They’re cute and tasty, so they make the perfect, indulgent treat. Decanter in Lavender and Wavelet champagne Flutes are perfect if she’s planning on hosting a party. 

Since your friend is a professional, she may already have all of the platters, cake stands, and other essentials for baking and plating. You can’t go wrong with decorative cookbooks. We love the Downton Abbey Christmas Cookbook and Simple Cake Cookbook.

Cake Muse Gift Guide for the Professional Baker



Our goal is to take the guesswork out of gifting and help you choose the perfect gift for everyone in your life. We promise you’ll find the perfect gift for every cake lover in your life! If you found this helpful, let us know in the comments.

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