Sugar Flowers


    That's right, it's a key ingredient! We don't just call it a sugar flower for fun. Although made of confectionary sugar, these decorations are not meant to be eaten.

  • FAT

    Vegetable fat helps the formula stay pliable while our artists roll out and sculpt each flower individually.


    Since the flowers start out as a moldable sugar paste they have to eventually harden. Egg white powder helps with that. Thanks to this key ingredient your flowers can last as long as 3+ years if you don't use them right away.

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Artfully Created

Each collection is hand designed in the studio first. After all colors and styles are perfected we have a team of amazing flowers sculptors that recreate each product by hand. Our modern approach to sugar flower designs and all things cake comes from years of experience in the cake biz. But the most rewarding part of our journey is the creative and kind artisans we work with.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog Behind the Cakes and find your "Joie de Vivre"!

Behind the Cakes