• Elevate your cupcakes with our cute and edible toppers.

    Whether it's for a school event, a Bachelorette party or a Mother's Day brunch, we have a beautiful selection for you to choose from.

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We Make Decorating Cake as Easy as 1,2,3

We suggest selecting your upcoming celebration, whether it's a moment of family togetherness, a birthday, shower, or a swanky soirée. Choose your cake; homemade, store bought, or bakery ordered. Shop your favorite sugar flower designs and you are all set!

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We believe in embracing the art of celebration.

A true embodiment of timeless elegance, cakes serve to represent the beauty and creativity that can be found in everyday moments. The Cake Muse® sugar floral collections are designed to inspire you to transform ordinary moments into true works of art. Peruse the Muse Manifesto and immerse yourself in the story behind the Cake Muse® brand.


Why Choose Cake Muse?

  • Efficient

    Are you the one always tasked with arranging a cake for celebrations? Time is precious and we believe in embracing the special moments in life rather than spending it on stress. At Cake Muse we help alleviate your stress, by doing all the hard work for you!

  • Affordable

    Luxury doesn't have to be expensive. Our designs are cost effective without compromising your budget; allowing you to have a high-end cake at a dramatically reduced cost. Sugar flowers start at just $14.99.

  • Creative

    Regardless of the occasion, the cake oftentimes, becomes the centerpiece of the celebration. With our sugar flowers you will find the inspiration to create beautiful moments feeling empowered with the tools we give you.

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