How to Host a Unique Pastel-Inspired Christmas Party

How to Host a Unique Pastel-Inspired Christmas Party

At Cake Muse, we love any excuse to throw a fun and elegant dinner party. With Christmas just around the corner, this is the perfect time to start planning your own Christmas party with a girly touch, of course.

Dinner parties are all the rage right now, just scroll through TikTok and you’ll see what I mean! While the weather chills and winter is upon us, we’re all looking for fun and elevated ways to stay warm. Planning dinner parties with your girlfriends is the perfect way to do just that! 

As self-proclaimed dinner party experts, we’re sharing all of our best kept secrets for planning the perfect Christmas Soiree. Whether you want to host a dinner party for your closest girlfriends, a gift exchange, casual gathering, or even an office Christmas party, this is the perfect blog post for you! 

1) Choose an Elevated and Girly Theme 

While traditional Christmas parties are filled with green, red, and white, we love pastels for the holidays. From outfits to the decor, we love bringing in feminine shades to elevate the event.


Pastel shades add a cool and effortless elegance to your decor. From soft pastel pink table cloths to pastel blue ribbons on your tree, you can soften any party effortlessly. 

Bonus tip: tell your guests to dress up for your soiree in pastel colored dresses. This will give everyone the perfect excuse to go shopping, do their hair and makeup, and feel beautiful for the night. 

2) Keep It Simple and Elegant 

That being said, don’t go overboard on decorations or food. The most elegant parties are well thought out and simple. 

So decide whether you want the main meal of your party to be a dinner, a simple charcuterie board and cocktail hour, or a table of bubbles and light bites. Your dinner party doesn’t have to be over the top and you don’t have to be a world class chef. 


Choose something your girlfriends will enjoy and that you can throw together easily. The fun of the party should be decorating and mingling with your friends! 

3) Add a Fun Cake Decorating Activity to the Mix 

We love any excuse to decorate a cake, but this truly is the perfect way to bring your closest friends together and allow them to get a little creative. Surprising your girlfriends with a cake decorating event is a casual and fun way to make your party memorable. 

All you have to do is go to your local bakery and purchase a simple 6 inch cake for each of your guests. Then, make sure you have colored frosting and sugar flowers for each of your guests.



Our Frosted Mint, Pink Peppermint, and Snow Angel Poinsettias are the perfect choice for your pastel cake decorating party. Order a few of each and let your girlfriends pick their favorite. These elegant souvenirs will ensure that this is a party your friends will never forget. 

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