Larkspur Buttercream

Larkspur's Exclusive Buttercream Recipe

We had the privilege of spending a few days this summer at Larkspur in Vail, Colorado. They are known for being one of the most highly acclaimed wedding venues. Chef, owner, and restaurateur, Thomas Salamunovich, was so kind to let Cake Muse experience the behind the scenes of their kitchen with Executive Pastry Chef, Alejandra Pastor

Exclusive to Cake Muse, enjoy Larkspur's delicious and light buttercream recipe! 

Larkspur Buttercream 


8 oz           Fresh egg whites (roughly 8 egg whites)
1 lb            Sugar
1 lb            Butter
.38 lbs       Shortening
1/4 tbsp     Vanilla Extract
pinch          Salt



Whisk together the egg whites and sugar, cook on a double boiler until 140F. 
Transfer egg whites and sugar to a bowl with a whisk, mix for one minute. Add salt now, turn to high and mix until the bowl is cool. Slowly add cubes of butter, then add shortening a little at a time. Finish with vanilla extract. 

*The original recipe makes for 30+ cups of buttercream. We have modified the measurements to make for a smaller amount. 


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