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Modern Muse

Welcome to the world of Cake Muse, where art, culture, entertaining and cake collide in a symphony of flavors and creativity. As the CEO of Cake Muse, I am thrilled to introduce you to our philosophy of ~ Romanticizing the Everyday ~ and give you a glimpse of what to expect in our upcoming blog, Modern Muse.

Everyone needs a muse ~ a source of inspiration that sparks joy, creativity and passion. Everyone needs that inspirational marker that gets them out of bed in the morning and gives them a sense of possibility and excitement. The Cake Muse brand embodies this culture of creativity, serving as a muse for those seeking inspiration in everyday moments.


Indulge in everyday moments of elegance

Cake Muse exists to help the modern woman feel confident about her ability to create something beautiful with sugar flowers. Cakes are synonymous with celebration ~ moments reserved for jubilant conversation, spontaneous declarations of love, and playful embrace of life’s lighter side. Regardless of the occasion, the cake, oftentimes, becomes the centerpiece of celebration. A party’s energy swirls around its cake. Their otherworldly beauty has a certain gravitational pull that’s irresistibly attractive.

We believe that cakes are much more than flour and sugar ~ they are indulgent creations where love truly lives in the details. Cake Muse’s culinary décor empowers women to effortlessly turn ordinary moments into works of art ~ cake décor that truly embodies timeless elegance.


Cake Muse Sugar Flowers


Sarah Jacobs - CEO of Cake Muse


Make each moment a work of art

Modern Muse is a platform where we will share our passion for cake artistry, provide insights into our creative process, and showcase the latest trends in the world of cake design. Through this blog, we aim to inspire cake lovers and entertaining enthusiasts to embrace the artistry of cakes and explore new ideas and designs.


Joie de vivre

Join us as we take you on the journey of the Modern Muse, filled with insider tips, recipes, entertaining ideas, tablescapes, our Leading Ladies series, and more! Each month we will feature a woman who is leading the way to success in life ~ on her own terms.

You can expect a curated collection of articles, interviews with renowned cake artists, step-by-step tutorials for cake decorating, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into my life. We will also share tips and tricks for baking the perfect cake at home, as well as recommendations for pairing cakes with exquisite teas, coffees, cocktails and many more recipes for entertaining. Modern Muse will be a celebration of the art of cake making, entertaining, and the joy it brings to people's lives.



Sarah Jacobs

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