Sarah's Journey : A CEO's Guide to Renewed Inspiration

Sarah's Journey : A CEO's Guide to Renewed Inspiration

           Inspiration is a tricky element in life. Many creatives can be inspired by the oddest moment or not at all, even when surrounded in a life of creatives. Whether you are a creative being by nature, or simply looking to tap into that side of your life, hopefully I can give some insight as to how I find inspiration for Cake Muse, sugar flowers, my personal life, and beyond.

Fall is starting off quickly in our house. Between the busy schedule at Cake Muse and finding time to enjoy my life outside of the business, it is piling up quick! 

A few months ago I started to plan out my birthday which isn't until October. But this year is special because I turn 40. With ideas of the French Riviera as my choice of trip, I was thinking already of a relaxed time away enjoying the wine, the art, and the sun. My good friend Lisa came to me at a party one night, gushing about an amazing retreat style trip she was planning and purchased from Boxwood Ave. that would take place in Provence. It was kismet that Lisa was planning her trip for the exact same two weeks I was starting to plan mine, just minutes away from each other in France.

Dining Table Alfresco Provence


Two women, in desperate need of time away and some inspiration and renewal in life, planning at the same time and same country. Of course we started to merge our two trips and it has become one in the same with our husbands joining us after the first week. Often physically changing your scene can push you into a new mindset that if intentional, can become the foundation for inspiration. 



I am a big believer in intention setting and also actively taking time to clear your mind and setting goals. Surrounded by like minded women, Lisa and I will embark upon a renewed way of thinking through the gorgeous and quiet landscape of Provence. There is a moment in each woman's life that you let your breathe loose and you can relax. I am not talking about meditating or taking one beach vacation. I am talking about acceptance and opening your heart and mind to new journeys. That is what I am looking forward to in my 40's. Inspiration often follows so easily when we have this peace within and we intentionally make space for our true selves. Each of us has so much to be inspired by, but we hold ourselves back, not intentionally and certainly not in a way to fault ourselves. If you don't take time, no one is going to come along and take time for you.  



Stay tuned next month as I recap on our special trip both in Provence and the Riviera! 




**all images taken from Le Galinier, the chateau where we will spend our week in Provence with Boxwood Ave. 

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