Frequently Asked Questions

Do I stick the flowers directly in the cake?

Our products are ready to insert into any dessert right out of the box. If you prefer to cover the stems before inserting them, you can wrap stems with foil before inserting into a cake. You can also slide a plastic straw into your cake and then insert the wire to place your flower. It really is up to you!

Can I eat the sugar flowers?

If you have purchased our edible cup cake toppers then yes! They are completely and deliciously safe to eat.

As delicious as our sugar flowers with wires look, they are not meant to be eaten. Those items are decorative items only and should not be consumed.

Each product page will tell you if our item is edible or not.

How are sugar flowers made?

For the full story of how our sugar flowers are made, please visit the about page here.

How long can sugar flowers be stored?

Sugar Flowers - If unused, sealed and stored in their original packaging in a dry, dark place, our sugar flowers can last up to 2 years or more. Since these are not edible items as long as they are kept well they will last a lifetime.

Edible Cupcake Toppers - these are edible items and we recommend using them or eating them within 6 months of purchasing.

How do I store them?

Sugar Flowers and Cupcake Toppers - Their original box is perfect for storage! Simply reseal for long-term storage at room temperature in a dry place. Just remember, humidity is their enemy – avoid the refrigerator and the freezer for long term storage.

What if I need to keep my dessert in the refrigerator or freezer?

You can definitely decorate your cake or cupcake in advance.

Refrigerator - our products typically last for 3-4 days in the refrigerator without any trouble.

Keep in mind, some cupcake toppers made of Royal Icing can bleed if left in the refrigerator on buttercream or fondant after 2 days. But they are certainly still safe to eat.

Freezer - our products can last very long in the freezer on a cupcake or cake. Although it is not necessary to store our products in the freezer, you can be assured they will keep if you plan to freeze desserts for up to 2 months.

Can I reuse my sugar flowers?

Our products are not intended for multiple uses.

If you plan to reuse a flower or need to clean it up to replace on your cake, do not rinse with water. Lightly wipe clean with a dry paper towel. If wet, their colors may transfer onto hands, clothes or towels.

What is the best way to cut a cake decorated with sugar flowers?

When it’s time to cut the cake, simply remove the sugar flowers and slice the cake starting from the middle. Depending on the placement of your sugar flower stem, you can also keep it on the cake while cutting.

Our Edible Cupcake Toppers are perfect to leave on the dessert and just as sweet to eat!

Why would I use sugar flowers vs. real flowers?

No matter the season, sugar flowers always look fresh and vibrant. Plus, unlike regular flowers, sugar flowers are free from pesticides, so you can feel confident putting them on your cake. 

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we do not ship our products internationally.

How to Style Your Sugar Flowers

Get ready to wow your guests with a cake they’ll think you spent hours decorating. In just a few easy steps, we’ll show you how to take your cake from ordinary to magnifique in no time! Follow along below to learn how to unpack and apply your handmade artisan sugar flowers.


carefully unbox the sugar flowers

When you’re ready to use your Cake Muse® flowers, place the box on a flat surface, right side up, and carefully open the box. Remove the flowers and leaves gently by hand and place on your surface. 


breathe some life into them!

Your flowers have been tucked away for a while, so they may need a little TLC. Carefully separate petals and leaves as you see fit to give the flower a more full, lively look. 


handle with care

If your flower came with protective backing, carefully adjust the wires to remove the backing. Special Note: If you are using the Court or Roses or Dutch Status, your arrangement may need some extra shaping. Once the flowers are free of the backing, feel free to adjust the overall shape some more.


Prep for placement

Each of our flowers have a strong base wire designed to insert securely into your cake. Position your wire at an appropriate angle for cake entry depending on the position you chose for your flower. Don’t forget to wrap your wire in aluminum foil or insert a plastic straw into your cake first. This will protect your cake from any residue from the tape surrounding the wire. 


Style your cake

Carefully push your sugar flower into your cake in your desired position. Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside of the box! For styling inspiration, be sure to check out creations from the Soirée Société


Show it off!

Once your flowers are secure on your cake, make any last minute adjustments to the arrangement needed to achieve your desired look and feel. Voila! You’re done! You’ve taken your cake from ordinary to magnifique in just a few short minutes. Don’t forget to snap a picture and share it with us on Instagram @shopcakemuse. 

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